Veneers Cost per Tooth

When you are happy with your smile, it shows. Your self-esteem soars, and you feel more confident in other areas of your life. While few of us are born with flawless smiles, we can all have the smiles of our dreams with the right dental treatments. We offer consultations that can help you learn more about your cosmetic dental options, which may include dental veneers. Call us to schedule your consultation today.

Dental veneers are a special type of cosmetic restoration that can correct many flaws at once. You can change the color, shape, size and other aspects of your teeth using beautiful dental porcelain, which mimics the look and feel of natural dental enamel. The price of veneers varies depending on the complexities of your case, the number of veneers you need and other factors. When you schedule your appointment, we can explore your options and discuss your expected costs and payment options.

Veneers are typically priced per tooth. Most people opt to have their front incisors, or their front teeth, covered with veneers for the maximum effect. Although the cost is not usually covered by dental insurance unless veneers are needed for dental health, financing may be available for qualified patients. Our dental team can provide you with information about various options, including flexible-interest financing and our budget-friendly solutions. We also accept a variety of payment options.

Investing in the cost of veneers is ultimately investing in your smile and yourself. Can you really put a price tag on self-confidence? With the smile of your dreams, you can continue to reap the benefits of a beautiful smile for many years. Call our office today to learn more about your options for porcelain veneers and to schedule your appointment with our dentist.