Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea

The symptoms of sleep apnea can be difficult to endure. Should you seek treatment from a specialist, he or she will usually inquire about the types and severity of your symptoms. Before suggesting you undergo expensive or invasive treatments, doctors often recommend patients pursue home remedies for sleep apnea. These include lifestyle changes that are often enough to see a sharp decline in the occurrence of sleep apnea symptoms.


Common home remedies for sleep apnea include:


  • Lose weight

70% of sleep apnea sufferers are either overweight or obese, so clearly there is a link between physical health and the occurrence of sleep apnea. Ask our sleep apnea doctor about ways to jump start a diet and exercise program.


  • Avoid alcohol and sedatives

These substances relax the throat muscles, often resulting in disrupted breathing.


  • Quit smoking

Cigarette use leads to fluid accumulation in the throat and results in throat inflammation.


  • Avoid caffeine

Drinking coffee or caffeinated soda too close to bedtime can easily disrupt a sleeping pattern.


  • Avoid heavy meals prior to sleep

Eating a lot of food just before going to bed can also disturb sleep.


  • Stick to a strict sleeping schedule

This is a simple way to help ensure you get enough sleep every night. Set an alarm, and retire and rise at the same times every day. Remember: it is said to take 21 days to adequately form a habit, so do not get discouraged.


Other less common home remedies for sleep apnea are:


  • Applying essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile to the temples has proven to have a soothing effect and induce sleep.


  • Eating certain foods may improve sleep apnea symptoms. Walnuts are said to enhance breathing. These nuts also promote brain health, so try incorporating a serving into your daily diet. Garlic helps relieve enlarged tonsils and lessens respiratory inflammation.


  • Yoga as a physical practice incorporates breathing exercises, which can open up air passages. Yoga can help you get control of your breathing, which may help you breathe easier during sleep.


Home remedies for sleep apnea do not always prove effective for everyone, so proceed with caution. Ask your doctor if he or she has had any personal experience with the success of home treatments for sleep apnea.

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