Orthodontic treatment is one of the most effective ways to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that specializes in treating irregularities in the alignment and occlusion of teeth. If your teeth are crooked, spaced improperly, or the upper and lower jaws do not fit together correctly, you may benefit from treatment. The following is some important information regarding routine orthodontic experiences.


At your appointment, our orthodontist will examine your teeth and bone structure. We may take X-rays, digital images, impressions, and other records to better evaluate the relationship between your upper and lower jaws and to see the positioning of your teeth. Once we make a diagnosis, we will explain your treatment options. Braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments. They consist of brackets, bands, and wires that are affixed to the teeth throughout the treatment process. They can make many types of teeth and jaw movements, and correct most types of orthodontic problems, including overbites, over jets, underbites, crossbites, gaps, crowding, and rotations.

The Process

You may need a cleaning before the braces are attached to your teeth to ensure they are completely free of plaque or tartar. Next, brackets are bonded to the teeth. These brackets are most commonly bonded to the front sides of the teeth, but they may also be attached to the back surfaces of teeth, particularly if appearance is a main concern. Ceramic and clear brackets are also available. A special arch wire is then attached to the brackets using bands. Kids may prefer colorful decorative bands, but clear bands are available for a more subtle look.

Once your braces have been attached, our orthodontist will make periodic adjustments over the course of treatment. Each adjustment will move your teeth a little bit more. This process is typically not painful, but there can be some discomfort after adjustments. A soft diet and over-the-counter pain medication can help you during these sensitive periods. Excellent dental hygiene is essential during orthodontic treatment. Plaque and tartar buildup around the brackets or along the gum line can lead to tooth decay or gum disease, both of which can interfere with your treatment and cause long-term damage to your teeth.


Braces can be a great way to get the smile of your dreams. Call our office today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.


I've been going here since 2010 and I love this dental office! It's very convenient to my residence and they offer an array of services! I'm currently under Invisalign treatment and they gave me a great price! I highly recommend them for any of your dental needs!

Highly Recommend!

I really like this dental office, dentists, and staff. The hygienist was very gentle and well mannered, she gave me tips on flossing and brushing properly, I highly recommend them to friends and family..

- Bryan Nickel

Now I Can Smile Again!

The dentist just made my front teeth/smile look like I had veneers implanted! She took away all my dark spots and heading without crowns and painful implants. It looks amazing! Thank You 🙂


A+ Experience

The dentist was very kind + caring. Highly recommend! I only had a few days left on my dental insurance + she helped to prioritize my care + fit me in so that I could get issues taken care of in a pinch. The office manager, couldn't have been sweeter + she helped me to understand the sometimes tricky insurance pieces + actual prices I'd be paying before I made any decisions. A+ experience.


Insurance Policy

Some of the major insurances we accept are displayed to the right, however, we gladly accept ALL PPO Insurance plans and are a Delta Dental Premier provider.

We will gladly help you to understand whether your insurance has limits on the doctors you can see or the services you can receive. If you provide complete and accurate information about your insurance, we will submit claims to your insurance carrier and receive payments for services.

Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be responsible for co-payments, co-insurance, or other deductible amounts. Please contact our office or call your insurance carrier should you have any questions.


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