Getting Braces

Braces offer a better life for patients, giving improved looks and comfort and greater resistance to both oral and systemic health problems. What is getting braces like? Although some discomfort can be expected after wires are tightened or aligners are switched, the experience is actually very easy, especially in light of the benefits that result.


First Steps with Braces


The first steps with braces vary based on the type patients choose at a consultation with our orthodontist. With bracket-based braces, patients have brackets bonded to their teeth and wire threaded through those brackets. Patients who choose clear braces receive their first aligners with instructions for use. In either case, some tenderness is normally present for a few days afterwards.


Throughout Treatment

After getting braces, patients visit our orthodontist regularly to have their braces adjusted or aligners switched. At regular intervals, patients with bracket-based braces have their wires tightened to keep moving the teeth into position. Patients with clear braces visit our orthodontist regularly to have their progress monitored and receive new aligners. After correction is complete, patients in both groups are given retainers to wear in order to retain their results.


Getting braces is a positive step towards looking and feeling better throughout life. No matter which type of braces patients choose, the results are similarly positive. When very little correction is required, patients may be eligible for express treatments that last just a few months. To learn more about braces and discuss candidacy for treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.