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New Treatments for Periodontal Disease

While many people have heard the term “periodontal disease,” many do not really understand what this means or if they are in danger from it. The fact is that most adults will experience some degree of periodontal disease in their lives, especially as aging affects the gums and teeth. While it is preventable and treatable, many people do not realize they have periodontal disease, thereby missing an opportunity for early intervention.


A new series of treatments designed to help patients with periodontal disease has become possible through advances in technology. Our dentist has access to a wide variety of treatments for periodontal disease, so talk to us during your regular checkup or if you feel you have reason to be concerned about the health of your teeth and gums.


Any periodontal treatment must address the issues of plaque and bacteria. The formation of plaque and deep-seated bacteria contribute to the development of gum disease more than any other single factor.

Most new drugs designed to treat gum disease are antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria while anti-inflammatories control swelling of gum tissues.


Biophosphonates are a class of drugs that has recently come to the attention of periodontists. Biophosphonates are actually used to treat osteoporosis, but clinical trials have shown that these drugs are also helpful in controlling periodontitis.


If you have problems with puffy or bleeding gums, come in to see our dentist immediately.