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Importance of Preventing Gingivitis

A little pink in the sink may not seem like such a big deal, but gums that bleed when you brush or floss are one of the earliest symptoms of gingivitis. Red, swollen or receding gums may also indicate the presence of gingivitis, or gum disease. When not treated, gingivitis can progress into more advanced stages of gum disease and lead to serious dental health problems, including loose or lost teeth. Our dentist encourages his patients to take proactive steps in order to avoid gingivitis and enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.


Most commonly caused by poor dental hygiene, gingivitis is both highly preventable and highly treatable in its earliest stages. Brushing carefully and thoroughly after meals and flossing every day will remove the plaque buildup that threatens your gum health. A deep cleaning procedure, called a root planing and scaling may be necessary if you have excessive tartar buildup or if your gums are receding and developing pockets of infection.


If the infection is not treated, it can progress. The gums will begin to pull away from your teeth, and the infection will push deeper into your oral cavity. As the supporting structures of your teeth become infected, your teeth will often become loose.


Gingivitis has been linked with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications and many other serious health conditions. Preventing it can help you not just enjoy a healthier smile but also better overall health. Contact our periodontist to learn more or to schedule an evaluation.