Why Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

While not everybody needs to have their wisdom teeth removed necessarily, a vast majority of people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point. There are a few different reasons why you may need to have them removed.

Wisdom teeth put pressure on your gums and surrounding teeth, and this can cause a patient to experience a good deal of pain. The discomfort that you feel is a good indication that you will probably need to have your wisdom teeth removed. The pain that these teeth are causing will only get worse as they continue to erupt through your gums. If you have reached the point that your wisdom teeth are causing jaw, neck, and ear pain, your dentist will most likely recommend removal.

Since wisdom teeth are rather large, they tend to put a great deal of pressure on the rest of your teeth. Allowing them to come through can cause crowding. Crowded teeth not only look unpleasant, but they tend to discourage proper oral hygiene. It is very easy for food particles and plaque to build up between teeth that are crowded. Crowding can also damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, and nerves.

If your dentist notices that your wisdom teeth are growing in incorrectly, that is another reason for removal. Impacted teeth are teeth that become trapped in the gum or bone tissue. As a result, these teeth are more prone to decay. In some cases, only part of the tooth erupts through the gum. A partial eruption in this manner allows for bacteria to easily enter around the tooth and cause infection.

If you are suffering wisdom tooth pain, contact our expert in emergency wisdom teeth removal to set up a consultation.