What Wears the Teeth

While it is always important to be vigilant in your fight against tooth decay, there are other things you should also watch out for that can lead to your teeth wearing down.


Bruxism is a major cause of tooth attrition. Clenching and grinding exert massive amounts of pressure on the teeth, and over time, it can certainly lead to them wearing down. The best line of defense against bruxism is usually wearing a mouth guard at night. Making lifestyle changes to cope better with stress and anxiety can also help patients deal with bruxism.


Biting down on a hard object can also cause your teeth to wear down. These items can include foods like nuts, hard candy, and ice, but biting down on inanimate objects like pen caps can also cause damage. It is also a bad idea to bite your nails. Other habits like aggressive brushing and pipe smoking can also lead to worn-down teeth.


Certain health conditions can also wear your teeth down. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux, can definitely do a number on your teeth. The acids that are brought back up can significantly erode the enamel. If you suffer from an eating disorder and vomit as a means to purge, that will also cause tooth erosion. Excessive alcohol consumption has also been known to take a toll on the teeth.


If you feel like your teeth have been worn down, contact our expert in treatment of tooth decay to schedule a consultation.