Habits that Can Damage Your Teeth

Trying to maintain a healthy diet that also looks after your teeth can be daunting. However, by knowing a little awareness can ensure your daily routine does not neglect your oral care. Knowing what not to do can move you more efficiently toward having attractive and healthy teeth you deserve.

Here are some habits to watch out for:

  • Drinking sodas, smoothies, and wines. The first two are loaded with sugars, which adhere to the teeth very quickly. Soda and wine also have high levels of acid that sit on your teeth and eventually erode the enamel. It is always helpful to rinse with water after drinking these beverages.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco. Nicotine causes oral cancer, and when tobacco directly contacts the gums, it can contribute to their breakdown.
  • Incorrect brushing. You may think brushing after eating is correct, and it is. In contrary to the belief, the longer you wait to brush after eating, the better for your teeth. If there is leftover acid in your mouth, brushing could push it deeper into the tooth enamel. It is better to rinse immediately after and then brush an hour later. You should also take care not to brush too vigorously, as over-brushing can erode enamel and irritate the gums.
  • Oral fixation. If you bite your nails, chew on your pen, or open packages with your front teeth, you are essentially inviting hosts of new bacteria into your mouth that would not otherwise be there. Also, chewing anything besides food can wear down teeth, damage dental work, and even cause cracks or microfractures.

For more information about habits that can damage your teeth, please contact one of our professionals. We want to help you avoid having to see the emergency dentist.