Dental Problems Caused by High Blood Sugar 

The high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can cause significant problems throughout your body, and this means that even your smile is not immune. Several dental problems have been associated with diabetes and high blood sugar, including periodontal disease, thrush and tooth decay. Our emergency dentist can help you with any of these problems if you are diabetic.
Periodontal disease is a progressive gum infection that attacks the periodontal tissues and creates pockets of infection between the teeth and the gums. It will destroy the bone around the teeth, where it can cause tooth loss if it is not treated. Those who have diabetes are more likely to suffer from serious gum disease, because their bodies may be less able to combat the oral infection.

Thrush is another common problem associated with diabetes. Thrush is an oral fungal infection that occurs when yeast and bacteria levels become imbalanced. Thrush can be more difficult to treat in diabetics, and it can leave you more vulnerable to other dental problems. Dry mouth and high blood sugar are frequently associated with each other. Dry mouth, which occurs when you do not produce enough saliva, may contribute to tooth decay, ulcers, mouth sores and even dental infections.

The best ways to avoid these dental issues is to control your blood sugar levels, as well as see us regularly for cleanings and checkups. Brush and floss thoroughly when you eat, and chew gum to keep saliva flow stimulated. If you wear dentures, clean them as recommended, and monitor your smile for sores or other signs of trouble. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist.