Common Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can lead to a whole system of infection and pain, ending in root canal. Although it has become routine, root canal surgery is something everyone wants to avoid. The best way to avoid root canal is to minimize tooth decay. The following are some known causes of tooth decay:

  • Cough syrups, allergy medications, and sinus medications. All of these are notorious for causing dry mouth, which is itself largely responsible for a lot of tooth decay. Dryness creates a higher level of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Depression and/or anti-anxiety medications. These are problematic for the same reason as the other medications, dry mouth, but are even more of a risk due to their prolonged use.
  • A diet heavy in sugar and carbohydrates. The bacteria that bond together to become plaque use sugar as a form of energy. Sugar also adheres easily to teeth, making it harder for saliva to clean them.
  • Sports drinks, vitamin waters, fruit juices, and diet sodas. Do not be fooled by promises of organics and vitamins. Again, sugar is the culprit here. It and the high acid content erode enamel and leave teeth more vulnerable to strep mutans bacteria.
  • Chewable vitamins. These products often contain high amounts of sugar. They can contain oligosaccharides, which can fuel bacteria. And their sticky texture can adhere to teeth and cause cavities.

If you suffer from tooth decay at any stage, it is important to schedule a dental or endodontic exam. If you need a root canal procedure, our expert in emergency root canal can help you to learn exactly what got you here, and how you can avoid it in the future.