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Dental Caps Compared to Dental Veneers

Description: There are many different cosmetic dental procedures and that is why our dentist is here to provide you with the knowledge of veneers and dental crowns as options to cosmetic dentistry.


Many who are seeking to enhance the appearance of their smiles may be considering either dental caps or dental veneers. Dental caps and veneers can improve the appearance of teeth that have been damaged or teeth with noticeable imperfections that detract from the appearance of your smile. Dr. Poneh Ghasri DDS, North Hollywood cosmetic dentist, can help you determine which restoration option is best for your unique situation.


Dental caps, or crowns, fit over the top of the tooth, completely encasing it. Caps are often used to restore teeth that have suffered from extensive decay, fractures or root canal treatments, which can all compromise the structure of the teeth. The cap restores the affected tooth’s function and aesthetics, which allows the individual to feel more confident with every smile and continue using the tooth safely and without suffering further damage.


Dental veneers are used cosmetically. They only cover the front surface of the tooth and can hide such minor imperfections as cracks, chips, stains or misalignments. Dental veneers are extremely thin and can often be placed without extensive preparation of the natural tooth structure while dental caps require the tooth to be carefully shaped and formed in order to allow room for the cap.


Our porcelain dental veneers dentist can help you further explore your options so that you can determine whether caps or dental veneers are the best answer for a healthier, more attractive new smile for you.